About the Festival

 Ganz In Short

Ganz New Ganz Ganz New Festival or its third edition continues with what we have insecurely started on the first year of the festival and that is a structioning of a production, workshop and presentation platform for young theatre authors from Croatia and Europe (including dance, music, art and new media authors), this time in a bigger capacity. Although the main program is focused on a period of 9 festival days, from 14th to 22nd of September 2013, festival activities start with residential programs on August 20th and end with concert of Swiss zen-funk quartet Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin on October 22nd.

In short, Ganz brings 7 artistic residencies, 7 new theatre faces and 7 new theatre performances, 4 workshops, 2 installations, film program of 2 young video artists, research artistic lab, concerts and night full of performances. True to Ganz tradition, we will present few re-runs to continue the idea that old good is always ganz new and therefore is part of the festival program!

Italian group Dewey Dell with their project ‘Tuono’ focused on research of music, choreography and light will open Ganz. SC’s Music Showroom will present ganz new musical-theatrical piece by Mirela Ivičević, a suite for ensemble and (self-) reflection, titled ‘Planet 8’. French artists Boris Gibe and Florent Hamon will present their original artistic language that combines acrobatic dance, air circus, physical thatre, music, film and technology. Musician, performer and dramaturg Gérald Kurdian is trying to redefine music spectacle by combining keen lyrics with lo-fi music and film effects and audience participation; Swiss director Boris Nikitin is focused on fiction and reality in a documentaristic play about fraud, manipulation and the power of affirmation. O.N.E. will present video-dance installation ‘Sizifov Pink’, and Anagoor, the leaders of the ‘reneassance of Venetian contemporary theatre’ will take us on theatre adventure which will enliven – through some kind of singing (magic) – the memory of people’s hateful old habits according to which some men have become predators of other men and, even in the twentieth century, have soaked the soil of Europe with the blood of millions of people.

In October you can expect Martin Schick’s ‘Halfbreadtechnique, postcapitalism for beginners’ and Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin that was chosen by The Wall Street Journal as one of the six best live shows in 2011 (together with Björk, Radiohead, Patti Smith, Feist and Anna Calvi).

The main partners of the festival are Swiss festival Culturescapes and Swiss Arts Council, Pro Helvetia, APAP Network (within European project of SC’s Culture of Change APAP Performing Europe supported by European Commission – Culture Programme 2007 – 2013), French Institute and Perforations Festival. Festival is supported by Croatian Ministry of Culture and City’s Department for Culture, Education and Sport. Festival is held in the organization of Culture of Change at Student Centre in Zagreb.

Entrance to all festival programs is FREE!

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