Luana Lojić, biography / interwiev

Luana Lojić, born in Pula in 1991, deals with video and performance, and this year she is finishing her undergraduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Department of Animated Film and New Media.



G:Where are you starting from and how?


LL: Biophilia, by definition, suggests that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems. The man best remembers things when he/she feels something. Feelings create reminders in our memory. In evolutionary sense, feelings create genetic reminders that people after us will experience as instincts. If camera is replaced by an eye, tree, asphalt or wind…then the story changes a bit. I am not myself anymore, but my body is my body, someone else’s body is someone else’s, asphalt is asphalt, water is water. It seems to me that only a deprivation of all other media imprints the event in physical memory forever. I have chosen it because it is the closest bond with life and all other living things around. I never know where is the boundary between the road and mineral particles that form it. What if the asphalt has its own asphalt memory? I try to scientifically explore what might have been a feeling of one of my ancestors, and which is now my instinct.
G: Which way are you going?

LL: In June I completed undergraduate studies in New Media. That makes me a bachelor (undergraduate) on the paper as well as in the state of mind. I like to identify with the first degree of some martial art. In that sense, the basics are there. I know how to stand, but I have to learn defence, breathing and attack techniques. What influences me the most are weather changes (movement of the Earth) and good people.


G: Where are you going to?
LL: The objective of my work is to raise the awareness of the activity of the work. I always think that once this is done, everything else is a product of understanding. Body is the only medium in which I will stay long enough, I hope, and I will use the others as out-of-body experiences, in that sense I like to work with video and drawings and installations alike. Day is a new micro-project, and I work on macro projects according to the duration of specific interest, sometimes even for couple of moths until I feel overloaded, and plans usually form themselves accordingly. In the near future I would like to organize film projections for city gardens and plants, and projects of trees’ getting to know each other and physical immersions in the biosphere, matter that forms it and ether that fills the gaps between.