Ethno band  ”VEJA” iz Pazina.

18.09. (wednesday), &TD Atrium, 21:00

“Veja” comes from Pazin. It’s focused on researching Istrian traditional folk music and performing the same in more modern arrangements by using various traditional instruments from all over the world. Up to now, “Veja” has had around 50 performances in Croatia and neighbouring countries. Members are: Goran Farkaš (vocal, mih, fiddle, bagpipes, kaval), Saša Farkaš (guitar, percussion), Marko Pernić (vocal, accordion), Sebastijan Demark (bass guitar), Ljuban Rajić (cajon) and Marijan Jelenić (sound designer).

Their most memorable concerts were those at the Ethnoambient festival in Solin, TradInEtno in Pazin and FolkHistria festival in Koper. Recently, they’ve returned from their first tour abroad, in France, where their performance at the most famous Parisian jazz club “New Morning” stood out as an immense success among the audience, media and music professionals.

Traditional music of the Istrian peninsula is their main motive and inspiration. In the midst of their many academic and professional obligations, it gives them the energy they need to create music with the dedication required to convey successfully their own experience of the music which moved, cheered and invigorated their parents and grandparents.
Perhaps the ancestors of Veja’s members would at first be astounded with the way in which their descendants are using mih (Istrian bagpipes), gajde (Slavonian bagpipes), kaval, fiddle, accordion and guitar together with bass guitar, djembe and cajon, but in time they would accept the fact that everything changes – thus grows, and all that grows – lives, inspires and opens new opportunities for creativity.

  Ovaj projekt sufinancirao je HDS ZAMP iz fonda sredstava koje služba ZAMP prikupi na ime prava na naknadu za prazne medije, a koja se sukladno odredbi Zakona o autorskom pravu i srodnim pravima dodjeljuju temeljem Natječaja HDS-a za potporu projekata s područja popularne glazbe.