Didier Théron (FR), biography

Born in Béziers, France. He studied dance with Dominique Bagouet and Merce Cunningham. Dominique Bagouet presented him with the Award for Best Choreography at Hivernales d’Avignon Festival in 1987. He studied Zen with Harrad Tangen in Bukkokuji Temple in Obama, Japan. He won the Villa Medici scholarship for studying in Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto, Japan. In the period 1998 – 2012 Didier Théron Company performed in Bolivia, Czech Republic, England, Croatia, Italy, India, Japan, Mozambique, Germany, Pakistan, Scotland, Spain and Ukraine.   STUDIO – LABORATOIRE / CIE DIDIER THERON Project is now permanently located in Espace Bernard Glandier in Montpellier.

Artistic vision: Since the first performances of The Partisans, a choreography which transforms the idea of resistance into movement on stage, has awakened in Théron. This is followed by the unavoidable exploration of art forms and stage design which is finally translated into choreography that is both physically and mentally present, rigorous record of the body in space, graphic movements, their geometry, physical trajectory of the body, the energy of the movement and control of that energy. Théron supports the economy of means, which provides his works with clear and concise forms, where the precision of working with body as a physical material serves as a form of graphical visualisation. Théron plays with the matter and its intensity, its accumulation and fracture, in the composition of signs in motion. Through dance, Théron finds his model of resistance; he draws and presents to the world a political achievement.