21/9/2013 at 23:00 @ SC Yard

Duration: 90 min / Free entrance

MM CENTRE PROGRAM., EDUKULTURA SC & NIGHT OF PERFORMANCES (Perforations Festival), multimedia performance (public presentation of the workshop 4-21/9/2013)

A two-week multimedia workshop accompanied by the participation and collaboration of video artists and musicians of a younger generation. The workshop is a result of need and desire to connect the younger generation of artists from these artistic fields, and it was envisioned as a platform, place of encounter and collaboration. The result of the workshop will be a live act multimedia performance in the Student Centre exterior.

concept and organization: Nives Sertić

video authors: Josip Horvat, Luana Lojić, Tihana Mandušić

musicians: Ana Horvat (composer), Ivan Kapec (guitar), Nenad Kovačić  (percussion), Eda Rimanić  (flute)