30/9 – 3/10/2013 non stop @ SC Cinema

APAP – PERFORMING EUROPE, artistic residency

3 men, gravitating around the unique hole of a playground called Troya golf club. We are somewhere in between Europe and Asia, where the traces of an ancestral war are now covered by the contemporary terrain of a playful conflict which rules are perfectly known by the 3 elegant players. All what we can do is to watch them, to observe how the relations are constructing and deconstructing the singularities at work here – including us – in this game that we know without understanding it entirely. Has it started? Hasn’t it always already started under the form of this permanent “before the beginning” in which everything is still possible and never fixed in one unique form?

Thus, the movement of the conflict is not orientated anymore towards an external issue but takes the form of a multilayered spiral directed by a hole, by a fundamental emptiness that redistributes permanently the 3 identities and the type of ground they are stamping on. They are not going further, but they are going deeper; each of them is in a personal journey, but it happens out of the borders of the individualpersonality, since the struggle is not for representing clearly this or that well known character (Achilles, Hector or Agamemnon…) but for having the chance to pass from one presence to the other, from one aesthetic to the other, from one world to the other. We follow them, invited by their delicate and terrifying decadence that let the system derail out of its central point that puts into crisis the play and the players, forcing them to reinvent a way of standing. And for this, it is time to look into the hole.

With the twist of attention provoked by these 3 sensitive guides, we dive through the layers of time, we cross the different levels of imaginary, phantasms and dreams ruined on what our history builds itself, we pass from the contemporary stage of politics till the antique Polis, and back to our present revealed then in its invisible game…and the travel continues. It has never stopped. It is, as an endless repetition of a beginning, our Iliad.



Concept, direction: Felix Mathias Ott

Research dramaturgy: Camille Louis

Assistant: Andreas Müller

Coach: Helga Wretman

Music: Alex Kassar

Light design: Martin Pliz

Performer: Gaspard Guilbert, Marko Jastrewski, Nils Ulber

Stage: Jonas Pim Simon

Graphic designer: Edgar Leciejewski

Production: Inge Zysk

Production: Felix Mathias Ott

Co-production: University of Zagreb-Student Centre Zagreb-Culture of Change, Tanzfabrik Berlin.

Subsidised by: Haupstadtkulturfonds Berlin

Supported by: Apap / advancing performing arts project