20/9/2013 at 21:30 &TD Big Hall

Duration: 65 min / Free entrance

Roberta Again is Roberta Milevoj’s new dance piece which explores the possibilities of reshaping the emotional experience of a natural space in an artificial setting such as a performance space. As the transit from the former into the latter is made, the material obtained by being in the natural place transforms. Backed by a specific musical background, such altered dance material creates a new perspective of the time and space of the performance.


Is the first, natural space just a place from which we draw inspiration for the other, artificial space?

Is it possible to translate one space into the other?

Is it possible for a space to change solely on the basis of a change of our perception?

Is it possible to create a third, imaginary space by reviving a physical memory?

Is what we see really the way we see it?

I believe that the body, just like nature, is faced with a lack of the usual creating tools on disposal if it finds itself in a space rarely used for creating material. In such a situation, the conditions under which the show is being made change along with the perception of the creation itself. I was interested in comparing the two experiences: how to observe one’s personal perception of nature through choreography, how to deal with the natural when performing. Roberta Milevoj

 I decided to record live sessions while observing Roberta’s movements. I tried to do so as if doing some typical field recording. The recordings thus became my musical score. Nenad Sinkauz



Choreography and performance: Roberta Milevoj

Music: Nenad Sinkauz

Lighting design: Bojan Gagić

Advisor: Matija Ferlin

Graphic design: Mauricio Ferlin

Photography: Goran Škofić

PR: Morena Milevoj

Translation: Ana Uglešić


The show has, in part, been inspired by Contrada, a dance film made together with director Matija Debeljuh.

Project partners: Student Centre of the University of Zagreb – Kultura promjene (Change Culture),  Mediterranean Dance Centre – Svetvinčenat and Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance

Financial support: Town of Pula and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia

A ‘thank you’ to the Milevoj family, Mario Ferlin, the Municipality of Svetvinčenat, Matija Debeljuh, Andrea Gotovina, Petra Glad, Snježana Abramović Milković, Silvija Stipanov, Teatar&TD, Goran Bogdan, the participants of the Student Centre workshop, Zrinka Užbinec, Claudia Fancello, Tomislav Feller, Zdravka Ivandija, Miroslav Piškulić, Jasna Žmak, the Zagreb Dance Centre.