The Night of Performances

21.9.2013. / Thursday

22:00, Studentski centar, Savska 25, Zagreb

This year, the Night of Performances returns to the Student Centre in Zagreb, in whose venues it already has attracted and delighted hundreds of visitors at the Perforations 2011th edition. The intro into the Night makes the new project of Alen and Nenad Sinakuz and Ivan Marušić Klif, consisting of a film and an audio-visual performance, based upon the segmentation of Keelings curve that describes the changes in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere over the last 50 years, and interpretation of those elements as noise or random generator. Throughout the night, a series of various performances will follow in different venues of the Student Centre.

The Night of Performances is a site specific performance-art event in which Perforacije Week of Live Art invites local relevant Balkan artists to do projects that reflect their specific artistic universe as well as body of work in innovative ways to them and/or the arts. We value innovation of form and aesthetic and rely on their credibility and worthiness while also giving space to emerging and talented younger artists that need such places and opportunities to develop their own strategies of work, of survival and of relationship with the audiences.

Such project coming from a region not before renowned for its contemporary arts has attracted attention abroad and soon after our first edition we started planning for the overseas realization of this event. Besides Zagreb (Croatia) our hometown, Perforacije and/or the Night of Performances have already been to New York (USA), Belgrade (Serbia), Skopje (Macedonia), Brest (France), Bitola (Macedonia), Portland (USA) and Caen (France).