18 – 21/9/2013. 18:00 – 00:00 @ &TD Caffe

O.N.E. & PERFORATIONS in collaboration with GANZ, installation of video-dance triptych

A new multimedia project of the team of authors, O.N.E., takes the myth of Sisyphus as its starting point. Sisyphus, the absurd hero, Sisyphus as the symbol of perseverance and absurdity, Sisyphus who should be seen as happy in the end. The character of MsPink appears as someone, i.e. something that symbolizes the system and code of the consumer society, of consumerism, of what is imposed on us as important, while, in principle, it is essentially unimportant and absurd. Those absurdities of continuous and circular movement take on the principle of loop and thus the loop becomes the basic building block of the video. Three main performers appear in the video, whose movement is again characterized by repetitive sequences and the act of finding and missing each other. The video projection is itself divided into several parts, connected, but spatially split. The first part contains three frames of the image, which form a common unity and continuity. The second part is a series of separate videos, i.e. individual frames from the first part, which function each on its own, in an entirely different location.

Sisyphus will thus question the absurdity of the movement that does not move (does not move on and does not move forward, but always returns to the beginning) as well as the persistence of perseverance that always leads to the starting point, and the willingness to start again. Also, on the visual level, it will question the patterns of a fragment in the service of the whole, and the whole in the service of a fragment. Sisyphus Pink Project will also question the viewer’s perception: fractured, simultaneous perception of the offered materials, which, only with the viewer’s effort, merge into a whole with a new meaning.

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Author & choreography: Martina Nevistić

Performers: (Sisyphus) Sara Barbieri, Petra Chelfi, Pavle Heidler, (MsPink) Martina Nevistić

Designer: Dora Đurkesac

Dramaturge: Rona Žulj

Cameraman and Light Design: Luka Matić

Editing: Miro Manojlović

Photography: Dora Đurkesac, Luka Matić

Music and Sound Design: Luka Grubišić-Čabo

PR: Amela Pašalić

Organization: Martina Nevistić, Amela Pašalić

Costume Design: Martina Nevistić, Sara Barbieri

Production: O.N.E.

Coproduction: Perforations Festival