20/9/2013 at 21:00 @ &TD Semicircular Hall

Duration: 55 min / Free entrance


In co-production with Perforations festival and in partnership with French Institutes in Paris and Zagreb.

Kurdian 1999

The 1999 project holds on to the 48 episodes of the Space 1999 TV series (and its scenario) and tries to extract from it both imaginary dynamics to use them as a set of performative scores. On a concrete level, it consists in a cut-up of simple actions (walk, talk, run), little dances (mambo, tango) and chansons d’amour.

The different dispositifs used in 1999 tend to set up synergetic relationships between anticipation movies (utopia of future) and musical self-education (utopia of present). Each one of them is defined in relation to each musical industry roles: performer, composer, graphic designer, video-clip director, artistic director, manager, etc.

It’s a model scale of a broad world, challenging the potentialities of an amateur musical project called This is the hello monster!

Voluntarily lo-fi (as opposed to hi-fi), 1999 therefore tries to re-think one’s understanding of spectacle and wishes to offer the audience members the choice of their investment.

Concept & performance: Gérald Kurdian

Sound & technique: Adrien Gentizon

Co-production : Centre Clark / Montréal, W2 productions
Thanks to Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Philippe Quesne / Vivarium Studio, CCN de Montpellier, la Ménagerie de Verre.